Funding for Graduate Students and Recent PhDs

Funding Available for Graduate Students and Recent PhDs to attend the workshop, Case Studies in Mathematical Practice, to be held at Université Paris Diderot from June 29, 2015 through July 4, 2015.

Workshop: Case Studies in Mathematical Practice. The primary goal of this workshop is to shed light on mathematical thought and understanding by developing a rich collection of case studies drawn from the historical and current practice of mathematicians. A secondary goal is to examine the methodology of case studies with an eye towards determining which questions in the philosophy of mathematics are amenable to solution by case study methods, and which questions are not. One recurring theme of the workshop concerns the ways in which the development of new conceptual and representational resources can contribute to an increase in the intelligibility of a mathematical domain.

The Role of Senior Participants. Senior participants in the workshop will deliver presentations contributing case studies of mathematical practice and/or analyses of some way in which issues in the philosophy of mathematics can be illuminated on the basis of case study work. Senior participants are asked to have a paper, detailed handout, or slide presentation ready for internal distribution among workshop participants by Sunday, June 21, 2015. On request, senior participants should also be willing to offer feedback on projects underway by graduate students and recent PhDs.

The Role of Graduate Students and Recent PhDs (“Junior Participants”). Junior participants who wish to apply for funding should send a CV and a letter of interest to The letter of interest should describe the prospective participant’s background, interest, and current projects in case study work and in the philosophy of mathematics more broadly. The letter should ideally be no longer than two pages long. Please send your CV and letter of interest to no later than Monday, January 5, 2015, to ensure full consideration. (See update below.)  Junior participants will be expected to have read at least one senior participant’s presentation materials prior to the workshop and to offer a five minute response once the presentation is given.

Update:  The workshop organizers are renewing the call for CVs and letters of interest from prospective junior participants.  Please send your CV and letter of interest to no later than Thursday, February 26, 2015, to ensure full consideration.  

Funding and Reimbursements for Junior and Senior Participants. The workshop organizers will reimburse participants by issuing a travel stipend intended to cover the actual costs of their travels and stay in Paris. This stipend will most likely take the form of a cheque issued in U.S. dollars. Junior and Senior participants should be willing to provide an address to which their stipend will be mailed and a name in which the cheque is to be issued. Assuming a name and address has been provided by a junior or senior participant, a corresponding stipend will be issued and mailed no later than August 1, 2015. The workshop organizers may cover some hotel or food costs directly.

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